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Natural Gas Fueling System

CNG Fueling Station

CNG Fueling Station
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The design concept of outer box and structural steel body originating from oilfield equipment can ensure stable internal environment in harsh conditions;
Well-known brands of compressors are used to provide stable and reliable performance;
Skid-mounted equipment are highly integrated, covering little space, flexible to move and easy to be installed and maintained, so as to reduce the cost for building special room for the compressor;
Compared with water circulation cooling system, efficient air-cooled design avoids the potential risk of scale deposit and reduces the investment and operating costs of supporting equipment;
Sound absorption, thermal insulation board and noise reduction design help reduce noise damage.
NameModelCompressorInlet Pressure   MPa/psiOutlet Pressure MPa/psi(Nm³/h)MMSCFD Motor Power(kW)
Standard StationYSJZ250-110DAriel0.6~1.025790 Nm³/h@1.0MPa110
YSJZ250-160DAriel0.11~0.325782 Nm³/h@0.3MPa160
YSJZ250-185D0.8~1.3251,500 Nm³/h@1.3MPa185
Daughter StationYSJZ250-90DAriel2.5~20251,800 Nm³/h@7.0MPa90
Mother StationYSJZ250-315DAriel1.9~4.5255,000 Nm³/h@4.5MPa315
YSJZ250-375D254,000 Nm³/h@2.3MPa375
YSJZ250-375D253,500 Nm³/h@1.9MPa375
YSJZ250-250D4.0~8.0252,699 Nm³/h@4.0MPa250
254,326 Nm³/h@6.0MPa
256,090 Nm³/h@8.0MPa
YSJZ250-375D1.9~4.5253,717 Nm³/h@2.2MPa375
YSJZ250-355D254,500 Nm³/h@3.5MPa355
YSJZ250-280D254,277 Nm³/h@4.5MPa280
YSJZ250-355D253,755 Nm³/h@2.5MPa355
YSJZ250-280D253,618 Nm³/h@3.5MPa280
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