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Natural Gas Fueling System

LNG/L-CNG Fueling Station

LNG/L-CNG Fueling Station
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As the source gas, LNG is boosted by high pressure piston pump, vaporized into CNG by high pressure vaporizer and fueled to vehicles. The station is composed of ultra-low temperature high pressure piston pump, high pressure vaporizer, storage cylinders of high, medium, low pressure, priority panel, PLC control system, CNG dispensers, etc.
· Specially designed skid to reduce the manifold vibration to minimum and noise during package operation
· The design of BOG discharging is environment-friendly. The discharged gas can be integrated into urban gas pipeline networks or recovered into storage cylinders after compressed by a separately equipped compressor, which makes the station more economical

Daily Fueling Capacity>700 KSCF
Fueling Metering Accuracy±1%
Rated Working Pressure for Pipelines2,900 psi
Fueling Time per Vehicle2~4 min
Unloading Time<2.5 h
Power≤60 hp
Vaporizing Capacity53 KSCFH
Max. Discharge Pressure≥2,900 psi
Main Functional RequirementsLeakage alarm, explosion-proof, fire protective, safety monitoring, etc.
Rated Loading Capacity8,818 lbs
Dimensions11.5×8.2×7.5 ft

◆ It combines LNG and LCNG fueling technical process together, and integrates pressure boost devices into one skid, thus can fill NGVs with either LNG or CNG to meet customer’s specific demand;
◆ LNG is gasified through the pressurization of cryogenic plunger pumps and filled into the storage tank of vehicles, without using high energy consuming, noisy compressors, to achieve low operating cost;
◆ Environment-friendly design to transfer BOG into the pipeline network or recover it to the storage tank by a compressor, to achieve better economic efficiency;
◆ Automatic control for the system by PLC program; in-site computer control is used to monitor and adjust the equipment running parameters, as well as realize data acquisition, statistics, transmission, and report printing functions;
Working Power: ≤ 60hp (45kW)
Fueling Flow:
   CNG:6,500 SCFH (1,600 Nm3/h)
   LNG:40 GPM (150 L/min)
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